About Us

Founded in 1958 we are family owned and operated company with four generations of industry experience, Harrington and Sons Roofing Contractors provide quality workmanship you can depend on!!!!!

Here at Harrington & Sons, our motto is "Above All Your Roof"
We are extremely passionate about our services and making all our customers happy.

We understand the difficulty of navigating through roofing systems, code compliance, insurance mandates as well as discount opportunities. We combine this philosophy with the understanding there will always be an evolution of new products new installation methods and again update code compliance! we are always here to help ease those tensions and obligations. We have always been old school by nature as it relates to ethics customer courtesy and job satisfaction

It is monumental that we continue providing Quality Products and Services as well as cutting edge philosophy, putting the customers needs first and foremost

Our Mission is two-part. To serve the community in good standing with a focus on Residential and Commercial Roofing, and to educate homeowners on the re-roofing process and maintaining their existing roof.